Neon D-Fence Remastered

Neon D-Fence Remaster BoxArt

A computer virus is headed to your motherboard! CAN YOU SURVIVE?!

Tower defense meets endless runner.

How long can you survive for the ultimate high score?

Objective: Defend your computer against a deadly virus. Ten maps available!

Enjoy two popular gaming styles: tower defense and endless runner.

Unlock bonus items throughout the game to help you survive.

Exciting mobile gameplay, including seamless animations and easy-to-use controls.


~ A Google user ~

"This game is very addictive. I love playing it. Runs good."

~ Jacqueline Albrecht ~

"30min in, and it's a nice time killer.. definitely nostalgic! It does get harder with the slow accumulation of energy to get resources, but that helps me be motivated to be patient to win the battle. Good game!"

~ A Google user ~

"Great game, fun and addicting! Nice sound effects and music! Once you test out all of the towers you start to find which are the strongest and you can develop a really awesome strategy!"

~ A Google user ~

"Highly recommend this game! Love the game play, music and sound effects! Enjoy the volume sliders for sound and music as well! Friendly, fun, exciting, slightly spooky, and very colorful! Happily I can say this is my favorite game to play on my kindle!"

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