Meet The Company Founders

Tim Bio Image

~Timothy "Viking" Vincent (Deceased)

Timothy "Viking" Vincent, known as "the bringer of Chaos," was the visionary founder behind TnT Gamez. He poured his heart and soul into the company, best known for his groundbreaking game project, Quest Remnants of Chaos.

Tim's life wasn't without its challenges, as he faced various health issues that made mobility a struggle. However, these obstacles only fueled his determination to create a new world, a sanctuary where people could escape the daily struggles of life and come together.

A master tactician, Tim possessed an uncanny ability to uncover game exploits that others overlooked. Despite being partially color blind, he defied the odds and produced stunning art for others to enjoy.

Beyond game development, Tim's passion lay in R/C car building. He possessed the skill to dismantle these vehicles down to their chassis and rebuild them into something even better.

To our beloved friend and the visionary behind TnT Gamez, the enigmatic space Viking:

"Thank you for bringing us together to build your dream world with TnT Gamez. It's truly a blast!"  

-Johnny & Ghizmo

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~JD "Ghizmo" Giese


Video games have been an integral part of my life from an early age. In Junior High, I began writing mods and add-ons for my favorite games. By the time I reached High School, I had taken on the ambitious task of designing and developing my own games. I persued a Software Engineering degree from UAT in Tempe, AZ.

Following college, I embarked on a journey with several video game start-ups, although they didn't quite achieve the recognition they deserved. Alongside these experiences, I also served in the US Navy for a brief period, receiving an honorable discharge. Despite collecting disability now, my love for video games has remained unwavering.

During my involvement in the convention circuit, I encountered Tim "Viking" Vincent, who was showcasing a demo of his ambitious game project. Engaging in deep conversations about the story and features, I found myself drawn to Tim and his company, TnT Gamez, which he had established with his wife Tiffany to bring new worlds to life.

Unfortunately, a few years later, my wife passed away, leaving me in need of a fresh start. Then, tragedy struck once more when Tim also departed. Tim entrusted his project and dreams to me and Johnathan. Together we carry the torch of TnT Gamez, forging a path toward a bright new future.

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~Johnathan Mueller


I'm a 3D props modeler, digital artist, and indie game developer driven by a singular passion: creating games that captivate and delight players.

My freelance career took off when Tim Vincent recruited me to work on Quest RoC, which marked the beginning of an epic journey. Along the way, I've contributed to projects like Valiance Online, Binarium, and developed numerous personal endeavors. I've crafted an array of game demos, too many to count.

Making games is my true calling, and I eagerly anticipate not only developing them but also experiencing the joy they bring to players. Together, let's embark on an adventure and bring our visions to life through TnT Gamez!

Meet Our Team

Willow Bio Image

~Willow Giese

I am a versatile individual, adeptly balancing the roles of a Domestic Goddess, wife of Ghizmo, a proud mother of four, and a skilled digital artist. 

Since partnering up with Ghizmo in 2013, I have been wholeheartedly committed to supporting him in realizing his aspirations and ensuring the well-being of our family. 

In addition to my invaluable contributions on the domestic front, I channel my creative energy into the realm of digital art, where I showcase my talent and passion. 

With a deep sense of purpose and unwavering determination, I eagerly pursue both personal and professional growth, continuously striving to make a meaningful impact in all aspects of my life.

Keith Bio Image

~Keith Eslinger

As the youngest of two children, my journey began in the year 2000 when I enlisted in the Navy, just a year after graduating from high school. For four years, I proudly served my country, undertaking two deployments during Operation Enduring Freedom. After my departure from the military, I forged a deep bond with Ghizmo, and our connection grew stronger with each passing year. We became more than friends; we became like family.

Throughout our friendship, Ghizmo and I have been exchanging ideas, fueling our shared passion for game development. Ever since I was a child, I've held onto the dream of creating games. When Ghizmo presented me with the opportunity to join his team, I knew I couldn't let it slip through my grasp. This was my chance to transform my childhood dreams into reality, and I embraced it wholeheartedly.

Lorianne Bio Image

~Lorianne Mueller

My journey began by following in my brother's footsteps, exploring picture editing, video editing, and eventually venturing into game design. However, I realized the importance of pursuing my own passions. Leading me to begin writing my own stories during my free time among many other endeavors.

Years later, my brother Johnathan connected with Tim Vincent through Facebook and talking late into the night through Skype, sparking a new chapter in our lives. Together, they worked on Quest RoC and explored other games while engaging in lively banter. I got to join their sessions and experience the ins and outs of game development and camaraderie.  This experience reignited my own passion, and I had the privilege of being recruited to their creative team.

Some time passed and life took me on a different path. I became focused on a demanding job. Then tragedy struck after the pandemic hit, our dear friend Tim Vincent passed on. He was one of a kind, that Viking…  Some time passed and Ghizmo reached out to my brother and hope was formed again. Opportunity looming the old flame kindled anew. Now, I eagerly await what is around the corner and can't wait to see where this new adventure leads.