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Are you looking for something fun, new, and exciting in the gaming world? Then TnT Gamez is the perfect place for you! Founded by a small team of video game lovers and developers, TnT Gamez has quickly become one of the most popular places to find innovative and creative games that are sure to keep your gaming experience fresh and exciting.

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The TnTeam

Tim "Viking" Vincent

Tim "Viking" Vincent

Johnathan Mueller

Johnathan Mueller

3d Props Modeler

JD "Ghizmo" Giese

JD "Ghizmo" Giese

Game Developer

Popular games out right now

TnT Gamez is home to some of the best indie games available today, including Neon D-Fence, Chaos Soldier, and Mtn Chaos. We also offer an ever-growing selection of new releases that feature unique gameplay mechanics that will make even experienced gamers feel like they’re playing something completely new and different from anything else out there.

TnT Gamez is revolutionizing how gamers enjoy their favorite pastime by offering some of the most innovative and creative indie games around. With our commitment to quality game development combined, it’s no wonder why we have become one of the best sources for all your gaming needs! So if you’re looking for something new and exciting in the world of gaming, check out what TnT Gamez has to offer today!


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Neon D-Fence

A computer virus is headed to your motherboard! CAN YOU SURVIVE?!

Tower defense meets endless runner.

  • Play on ten different maps

  • Plan your strategy

  • Place your towers

  • and unlock a variety of "goodies" to aid in your Survival!

How long can you survive for the ultimate high score?

Neon D-Fence has been re-released to get you ready for Neon D-Fence REMASTERED

Neon D-Fence REMASTERED will add more content, improved visuals and sound, better stability, and more FUN!

Customers who purchase the re-release can upgrade to REMASTERED for FREE


Mtn Chaos

Mtn Chaos is a side scroll driving game where you try to complete levels as fast as possible while avoiding obstacles, falling down hills, and other dangers.

You can unlock additional cars, and upgrade your vehicle's accessories, engine, and more.

Will you be able to set the high scores and beat this Mtn Chaos?

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