Neon D-Fence: One of the Top Android Games

Are you looking for the latest mobile games to pass time? Look no further than TnT Gamez! Our video games studio is always bringing you great new mobile games to play on your Android, from tower defense games to driving games, you’re sure to find something in our store that you love.

Our top android game, Neon D-Fence, is one of the best indie mobile games available. In today’s post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Neon D-Fence before you download the mobile game. For more information on the latest TnT Gamez releases, contact us today!


Defend Your Motherboard From a Virus!

Neon D-Fence is set in a world where a deadly computer virus is headed straight to your motherboard. The question: can you defend your computer and survive the game? Your objective is to protect your motherboard from being overrun by the virus. You can play on ten different maps throughout the game, allowing for hours of fun.


Tower Defence Meets Endless Runner Style

Two popular game styles that we all know and love are combined in Neon D-Fence to bring you tower defense and endless runner gameplay. For fans of mobile gaming, you’ll thrive in defending your motherboard in the tower defense sections of the game, while keeping things interesting when you need to run through the various maps.


Unlock Goodies to Aid Your Survival

The more you play, the more you unlock goodies that will help you meet the ultimate goal — keeping viruses from wreaking havoc on the motherboard! While you strategize and fend off the computer virus, you’ll find many bonus items and features that keep things interesting for the entire duration of your gameplay.


The Perfect Mobile Game Experience

Tnt Gamez has designed Neon D-Fence to give you the perfect mobile game experience. Available in the Android store, you’ll find our game will provide hours of entertainment and challenge. We’ve incorporated features such as smooth animations, intuitive controls, and an immersive soundtrack to make your gameplay experience even more enjoyable.


More Content, Improved Visuals, and More Fun!

TnT Gamez brings you indie mobile games with outstanding visuals and sound, great stability, and hours of endless gameplay that you’ll love. We designed Neon D-Fence to be a fun mobile game for passing time. Next time you’re waiting around, in line, or have a few minutes to kill between time commitments, download Neon D-Fence and get started!

Neon D-Fence is a fun indie mobile game from TnT Gamez video game studio. The tower defense-style gameplay is an exciting and familiar experience! But with this unique storyline and visuals, you won’t find anything quite as fun as our top game, Neon D-Fence. For your next indie mobile game, look no further than TnT Gamez! Download Neon D-Fence today.

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