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Ever wonder who makes the awesome games you play? Here at TNT Gamez, we are proud of our team and want to give you a chance to learn more about them. Learn all about our team of indie game devs below.

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Friends and game lovers, Johnathan Mueller, Tim "Viking" Vincent, and JD "Ghizmo" Giese are the forces behind TNT Gamez. John works as our 3D prop modeler, Viking is our original founder and supporter, and Ghizmo is our game developer.

TNT Gamez is made up of some of the most talented independent game developers in the industry. These developers bring a unique perspective to game creation that sets their games apart from other titles on the market. Their commitment to creating innovative and immersive experiences allows them to push boundaries when it comes to how games are made and played. As a result, there is always something new and exciting happening at TNT Gamez.

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Tim "Viking" Vincent

Timothy "Viking" Vincent

Timothy "Viking" Vincent, "the bringer of Chaos" was the original founder, heart, and soul of TnT Gamez. He was well known for making Quest Remnants of Chaos (His first and his final game project).

His life wasn't perfect but he made an attempt every day to be the best he could be. He struggled with various health issues that made it difficult to walk around, but it seemed to inspire him to make a new world outside of our own where people could get together and forget about the struggles we face day to day.

He was an excellent tactician. If there was an exploit in a game he could probably find it. And despite him being mostly color blind he still found a way to create beautiful art for others.

His passion outside of game development was R/C car building. He knew how to strip them down to the chassis and rebuild them even better.

To our best friend and team founder, the crazy space Viking:

"Thank you for bringing us together to build your dream world with TnT Gamez. It's truly a blast!" -Johnny & Ghizmo

JD "Ghizmo" Giese

JD "Ghizmo" Giese

I have been playing video games my entire life. While in Junior High I started writing mods and add-ons for my favorite games. In High School, I started designing and writing my own games. I went to college at UAT in Tempe, Az for my Software Engineering degree. While in college and after, I worked with some start-up video game companies that sadly never quite had their day.

I served briefly in the US Navy. After just a couple of years, I was honorably discharged. Now I collect disability, but my passion for video games has never waned. After college, I was married and eventually got involved in the convention circuit where I met Tim “Viking” Vincent. Tim was showing a demo of the game he was working on, and we started talking and discussing the story and features of his game. Next thing I know I am working with Tim and his company that he’d put together with his wife Tiffany for creating new worlds (T&T or TnT Gamez).

A few years in my wife passed away. It was a hard time for me, I needed a change of scenery and a fresh start… A few years later Tim also passed away. Tim left his project and dreams in the hands of his friend, Johnathan Mueller, and together we are working to make his dreams and ours a reality as we carry the torch of TnT Gamez and lead the way to a bright new future!

Johnathan Mueller

Johnathan Mueller

I'm a 3d props modeler, digital artist, and indie game dev. My passion has always been to make games people would love to play.

I started my freelance career when Tim Vincent hired me to work on Quest Roc, from there I've had an epic journey working on Valiance Online outfits, Binarium SciFi props + cinematics, Made a number of personal projects, and made more game demos than I can count.

I'm passionate about making games, and look forward to playing all the games we're gonna release :)